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Dab Dabble

Years ago my Sweetie gave me a paint set. I toyed with them during the pandemic, but jut once or twice. In a seemingly unrelated matter I unboxed some furniture for the new house. Amid the cardboard, Styrofoam and staples were two sheets of cheap plywood, about two feet by two feet. These innocent bits of wood inspired me. Why not paint them? Instead of expensive canvases these are nearly free.

Above you can see one, an abstract sea scape.

Here is the second panel. I played with ink and with the patterns left by paper towels. Just playing with stuff.

And this. My weekend project of sorts, using sand and paint over a nautical chart. Mixed up media.

Are any of these any good? Nah. I am clearly self-taught. Like with poetry I don't expect to earn any money from my art. Glad you are on this blog, though. Thanks again.

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