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Shooting Baskets with Mike

Imagine a basketball court set

high up the flanks

of a deserted island,

surrounded by blue-cold seas.

Make it an outdoor court,

sheets of one-inch plywood

laid over oak beams set on rock,

two hoops & netting strung behind.

Now put yourself there

the first good week of April,

sunny and sixty degrees,

too early for flies.

You shoot baskets

with an old friend,

shooting with nothing to prove.

He hits three twenty-footers in a row

as you rebound and cheer. Then you

shoot your own set of net swishers

before you both pause to look up

from the court,

across the tops of graceful cedars,

across the deep blue of ocean below.

You shoot and dance the dribble,

fake, and shoot the day away.

Last I knew

he is a hydrologist in Arizona

knowing steady work

& where to find it.

I have not been to Canada

in a dozen years,

but I know where to find it;

in the thump-patter

of a friendly game,

no one keeping score.

Friends and acquaintances , beware! You may end up in a poem.

Rockvale Writer’s Group published this one

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