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The Games Begin (again)

Not quite Cowboy Stadium or Arrowhead. This is a shot of the Coliseum, in Rome. Now that the NFL Playoffs are in full swing the announcers can't help themselves but to use gladiator references. Note I say announcers. They usually don't write the stuff. I blame hyperventilating media heads for it. They lack the understanding that in Rome, and in most places of the world, for eons an organized "sport" usually resulted in a death.

Not sudden death. A bloody, drawn out affair of cuts and crashes, bludgeons and blades. Think bullfight. Think lions versus Christians. (Sorry, Detroit. Couldn't help myself). Think bears versus bulls in recent California. Think cockfight and, another NFL reference, dog fighting.

I'm just not into it. I'll keep an eye on the scores, vaguely, so I can make conversation tomorrow at work. But as far as watching the game? Nah.

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