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Travis and Joan

Writing and Doing

This site is about our writing, mostly, but also we offer a little cooking, dining out, some drinking, food and travel tips  and some just messing around. Trav was a farmkid, boat captain and poet.  His talented and lovely partner Joan is a resturant reviewer, food writer, cookbook author, legal counsel, wine expert and much more.

There is one rule here which is a carryover from years at sea. Aboard this strange boat we don't talk about politics or religion. We our however, opinionated. 

We are learning every day. To write. To fail. Try again. Come along with us. 

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A Little Cheese, No Wine

Something we hunger for in this Time of Lockdown is travel. The photo above is a cheese shop in Barcelona. When quizzed about Spanish...

Too Old, Too late

Once I had an image in my mind, that of a card catalog and it was located in a quiet, orderly library somewhere far away. It was magical...

Baitfish #1

"Baitfish" is my term for a snippet of poetry that doesn't feel completed. It could grow into more or could be made into something with...

Shortest Story

Not every sentence leads to a story. A gripping, killer opening does not always become a novel. Boy howdy. But I encourage you to stab...

Gimme a Name, Any Name

There is no one secret, one magic pill to writing. Everyone who mauls a page does it his or her own way. That's how it's supposed to be,...

Journals and other Afflictions

Not long after leaving the farm I started keeping a journal. Not a diary. A diary is a recap of the day's events, conversations,...

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